Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics

6th Grade STEAM Presentations 2022

Our 6th graders have been working hard on creations using the qualcomm Thinkabit model. They have coded solutions to help make Woodlawn become a new Woodlawn. I posed the question : How could you make Woodlawn elementary better? They came up with multiple solutions.


  • STEAM education in FCPS is an inquiry approach to teaching and learning where students integrate science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics to solve real-world problems, develop Portrait of a Graduate attributes, prepare for future careers, and engage as global citizens.

STEAM in the Mt. Vernon Pyramid

  • The Mount Vernon Pyramid is developing instructional practices that value student-centered, project-based, interdisciplinary learning that connects students to the real world.

  • The Mt. Vernon Pyramid, composed of Fort Belvoir ES, Mt. Vernon Woods ES, Riverside ES, Washington Mill ES, Woodlawn ES, Woodley Hills ES, Whitman MS, and Mt. Vernon HS, is spearheading STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Mathematics)-focused instruction in FCPS. This initiative aims to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century as STEAM literate workforce members and global citizens through student-centered, inquiry-based instruction. Teachers in this pyramid engage in professional development to enhance their knowledge and efficacy in order to provide engaging, integrated STEAM learning opportunities for all students.

STEAM in Woodlawn Elementary School 

  • At Woodlawn students in grades 1-5 receive STEAM once a week.  The class enhances grade level curriculum through a variety of projects that introduce students to the fundamentals of engineering, technology, and science.  Many of these projects have an Art integrated theme so that students begin to recognize the importance of cross-curricular connections.  
  • The STEAM program for students in grade six emphasizes a broader use and application of technology.  Students are also tasked with becoming more self-directed and responsible for their own learning.  Throughout the year they are challenged to identify their own areas of interest and then they must collaborate and innovate as they try and come up with a solution to their self-identified problem.   

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